Taupo Region Fly Fishing Clothing

Winter temperatures in the Taupo region from May to October average 55º Fahrenheit, with summer temperatures averaging 75º.

We suggest anglers bring their own favourite fly rod and reels that they are used to, along with rubber-soled wading boots (felt-soled boots are not allowed in New Zealand) and gortex waders that fit well and they are used to wearing. Tongariro Lodge guides can provide all flies and leaders any equipment the anglers do not have and this is included in the guiding fee. If you need us to provide waders and boots please provide shoe size and height.

We recommend the following gear:

  • Light-weight Gore-Tex waders with rubber-soled wading boots (felt-soled boots are not allowed in New Zealand).
  • Good quality polarised glasses
  • Heavy wool socks
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Wool sweater
  • Rain jacket

Taupo Region Fly Fishing Tackle

A weight 5 or 6, 9ft fly rod with a 7/8 outfit for larger rivers, lakes and winter fly fishing. We recommend the use of local fly patterns provided by our guides, although some American dry flies (in sizes 12 to 14) are popular — including Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Humpy, Irresistible, Stimulators and Cicada imitations. Tapered leaders which are 9-16 feet long with 4-6 lb tippet work best.